Is a read receipt worth the same as signature? Postal Signature versus Electronic Read Receipt.

We all know how easy it is to send important information via email. It’s a click of a few buttons on your computer, but is a read receipt worth the same as signature?

I often talk about the fact you send letters. Yes; emails now are a written word which will stand up in court. I wanted to write this short article about email read receipts versus postal signatures.

Email V Postal, which is better

Email V Postal, which is better

Read receipts are controlled by the recipient and not every email system sends read receipts. Some email systems ask the user if they want to send a read receipt. Very few automatically send read receipts nowadays.

If you have something important to send like a Letter Before Action, a County Court Demand or just some confidential paperwork, I would always send them through the post. The reason for this is very few businesses will reject a letter which requires a signature. Unless you’ve given them warning they’ll have no idea what that letter contains. It could be a customer sending a very large cheque. The chances are your customer will sign for the letter which means you’ve got proof they’ve received that letter and it was delivered to the right address.

What you don’t have with email is proof it’s been read. The last time I checked up on read receipts I found if your system does send out read receipts, you need to click on it for six seconds before that system will generate a read receipt so this doesn’t prove your email’s been read. It proves it’s been received by a computer and someone with access to that email has clicked on it. It doesn’t mean it’s been read.

You are much better off obtaining a physical signature on a letter.

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