Choose the right scheduling software to keep your business running, even when you’re on holiday

Over the summer we all want to make the most of the good weather. We gain daylight hours from the early morning sunrises to the late sunset evenings and while this might feel like we have more hours in the day, it can put a strain on us trying to achieve too much.

And that’s where scheduling is a lifesaver. Not just using a calendar or planning what to do first, but proper scheduling, where things happen in the background, whether we are there or not.


Using technology, software and apps, it’s possible to schedule activities such

Staying in touch with customer by Chocolate

Staying in touch with customer by Chocolate

as your social media and accounts tasks, e.g. invoicing, statements and payment reminders, so messages still go out regularly, even if you are the other side of the world.

In fact, if you are the other side of the world, it’s probably a good thing to have your social media scheduled so there’s no break in posting which could alert potential thieves that your property is vacant, or put your customers off ordering from you while you are away.

Recent media coverage suggests your house insurance is invalid if you post your photos of exotic locations and imply your property is empty or unguarded. An extension of this is tagging your location or even saying you have gone shopping or to a party. Anything which outwardly suggests you are away from your belongings can be enough for insurance companies to invalidate your policy.

But that’s the worst-case scenario. I recommend various scheduling solutions to clients to help them continue their business (and social life) during the holidays. Each solution is tailored to each individual client to maximise the benefit of using the scheduling software and apps. I spend time helping to install, configure, create content, manage, analyse and report so you know exactly how it is working and when to make changes where necessary.

There are four key programs I work with and these tackle areas of calendars and communications, appointments and sales, social media posting and automating accounting tasks. These are non-scary, straightforward programs which, when used regularly, will save you time and money.

Calendar and Communications – Calendly

This scheduling solution makes sure everyone knows what’s happening and when. It helps turn website visitors into qualified leads which can be handled by yourself, or any member of your team, whilst keeping accurate records in a single, shareable, location.

Appointments and Sales – ScheduleOnce

This scheduling solution is your virtual sales guru, overseeing you and your team with its knowledge of your prospects and their position in the sales process. It helps streamline your workflow and ensures you don’t miss communicating with any potential client.

Social Media Posting – SmarterQueue

This scheduling solution takes content and organises it into categorised queues to post on your social media in the recommended ratios to give your audience a balanced mix of content. Connecting with the social media platforms, it schedules your posts to maximise engagement.

Automating Accounts Tasks – Xero

This scheduling solution is perfect for when you’re on holiday. It can run in behind the scenes to make sure you’re still earning money while you’re away. It’s more than issuing invoices, this software can be a lifesaver monitoring your projects so you can keep track of cost and time.

There’s the old saying that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and perhaps some of these software and apps seem advanced or out-of-reach, but they’re not! If you’d like to chat about how scheduling software can make your life easier, how you can spend less time faffing about, please book a call with me and I will be happy to help.

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