How Software and Systems can bring Emotional Happiness in Your Business

When running a business, we tend to focus on our clients to make sure they get what they need, when they need it. We look after our staff, whether permanent staff, holiday workers or contractors. We also look after our suppliers and our products and services. But do we take enough time to look after ourselves?

Do we review our business often enough to automate repetitive tasks and free up our time for friends, family and other activities?

Using our time for what we want to do is the emotional happiness we gain from working for ourselves. It is the luxury of freedom we have when we can choose our own hours and decide whether we work from home or an office.

We may have removed the pressure of having a boss. Yet many of us feel tied to the treadmill, wishing we had more time, more resources and more motivation to make changes.

There are many ways where making small changes will have a big difference in running your business. These changes can become new habits which can help your business grow quickly.

One of the changes I recommend is to use software and systems to take some of the business burdens away from you and your staff. I work with many business owners in different industries to find the best software and systems to streamline tasks and processes.

Providing the software and systems are set up correctly, they will run autonomously in the background, chugging away at the boring tasks, the repetitive tasks and the error-prone tasks, with slick efficiency.

Some of my clients say they have found an extra day in the week, just from my analysis of their daily procedures and making changes based on my observations and feedback.

For example, in recent years, many cafes and restaurants have changed to electronic ordering systems. Instead of manually taking an order with a notebook and pencil, staff can tap a table number on a tablet and take an order for a single customer or a group of customers.

The tablet records the order and sends it to the kitchen for preparation. It also updates the sales ledger and can be linked to stock re-ordering systems. The tablet can also take payments and email or text a receipt to the customer.

In behind the scenes, these simple steps can reduce production errors and financial errors. Having the prices pre-entered on the tablet can prevent under or over charging as well as reduce handling cash, theft or fraud.

The system can also be linked to your marketing strategy and it’s possible to automate contacting your customers with special offers, discount vouchers and promotions. With a little effort, you can configure your system to remember a customer’s birthday or anniversary as well.

I have recently worked with Belinda Carp to discuss how software and systems can be implemented into her business and help her to manage customer data in the most effective way.

Working with large contracts, Belinda needed an effective way to manage her customer information. She asked me specifically for help documenting and managing prospective customer details, to record their name, contact information, the service they were looking for and the timescales to implement the services they asked for.

It has been really, really helpful. The day I started working with Rachael I secured a big contract and this forced me to look at my time management. Instead of wasting time scratching my head wondering what to do next, the software packages Rachael found and the systems she has introduced me to mean I can track the time spent on each client and manage my planning much better. I am emotionally happier and more in control running my business.” – Belinda Carp.

You can view Belinda’s full video testimonial on You Tube here:

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you increase your emotional happiness in running your business, please book your 15 minute exploration call here.

As with Belinda’s business, I will work with you to discuss and implement relevant software and systems to help refine your processes and improve your business efficiency, freeing up your time for friends, family and the activities you have put on hold.

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