Take a look at what our clients have said about Rachael Chiverton Ltd...

Jack Noon
Director, Popsicle Productions Ltd

It was an absolute pleasure working with Rachael. She was prompt, answered all my questions with ease and professionalism at all times. She delivered fantastic work, upgrading our contracts to be GDPR compliant and smoothing over our kinks. We can’t thank you enough

Stella M Gooch
SMG Virtual PA

Not specifically related to my business but I cannot stress enough the importance of business contracts. Formalising terms and conditions up front - including time reservation fees (thanks to Rachael Chiverton) is a must.

Karen Hyde
Owner Hydrated Limited

Writing my Terms and Conditions was something I'd been putting off for a while. I had the basics but kept worrying I'd left something out. Then I met Rachael Chiverton and joined the Getting Paid Support Group.

If you're struggling to write your contracts or business terms and conditions, I'd certainly recommend getting professional help from Rachael.

As a Virtual Business Assistant, my terms are specific to the services I perform. I didn't want my terms to come across as highly restrictive but I needed them to be precise, thorough and to cover all eventualities.

It felt like a huge piece of work and I dreaded getting started. I was tempted to do a cut and paste job but decided it was the wrong thing to do.

I believe in plain English too so I wanted by terms to be short, concise and written in a way that's easy to understand.

I also wanted them to be published on my website. My business philosophy is about making it easier for my clients to work with me.

Rachael's done a cracking job with my terms and conditions and I'm proud to have them out there.

In the Getting Paid Support Group, Rachael has guided us through every aspect of business credit control, invoicing and has provided coaching in how to have those difficult conversations with clients about YOUR money.

5 ways I've benefited from Getting Paid Support

* Conviction - I truly understand what these terms mean for my business and clients. My Terms of Business are the set of rules by which I operate.

* Consistency - All clients agree to the same terms. If your terms are well-written you will never need to create different terms for different clients. If you do agree a different condition with your client, you'll always have the to write a single exception clause.

* Courage -Because my terms are clear and I know them so well, I'm not scared to pick up the phone.

* Clarity - My clients understand how my business operates, what they can expect from me and what I can expect from them.

* Confidence - A good set of terms enhances the reputation of my business and. Clients are likely to view my business as professional and of a high-standard which in turn they feel confident to do business with me.

Terms and conditions: 3 common mistakes

Can you spot what's wrong? At first glance you may feel there's nothing wrong with these terms. You may have similar terms like this, and if so perhaps you should talk to Rachael.

* An initial phone consultation or meeting is free for new clients.

* Either party has the right to cancel services or deliverables by giving ten days' advance written notice to the other party.

* Prior to the commencement of a new project or task, we will send a letter of engagement with the agreed statement of work and delivery schedule.

Case Study - Sian Rowsell, Sian Rowsell Coaching and Training (New Contract)

Sian Rowsell said

“I’m thankful that it's in place and all monies have been paid upfront so there will be no wasting time/energy chasing payment, also it stops the money side interfering with the coaching relationship - now the coachee and myself can concentrate on their goals - this is of enormous value”

Here is the difference before working with Rachael It would have taken me 9 months, 7 invoices, anything up to 7 hours to collect £150 per invoice.

Rachael wrote a new contract for me which means I received £1000 up front, free up time for me to do more value-adding activities - business development, repay an outstanding director loan so I could buy secondary school uniforms, school shoes, PE kits including trainers, football boots etc needed for my 2 children for September.

Sophie Wood
Buzz Web Consultancy

Rachael provided an efficient contract service and didn’t bamboozle me with legal jargon, everything was explained in a language I could understand and it was helpful to be able to freely discuss aspects of my business and Rachael was able to offer advice and guidance on how best to deal with these areas - either wording that could be used in the contract or management by exception. Overall what I thought would be a real pain to sort out turned out to be really simple to tick off my to do list with confidence. This was all down to Rachael’s expertise and experience. Thank you

Jo Cox
Jo Cox Design - Manager

I needed some terms and conditions advice and couldn't find the information anywhere. Rachael was recommended to me and answered all of my questions thoroughly and clearly. She is extremely personable and easy to talk to, completely resolving all of my problems very quickly. I will definitely be back in touch next time I need her help.

Sian Rowsell
Sian Rowsell Coaching and Training

Recently I asked Rachael to help me revise one of my contracts. She took the time and effort to understand what was working and not working for me with my current contract, made lots of helpful suggestions to remedy issues and more besides and re-drafted the contract promptly. Thanks Rachael!

Rick Robinson
Owner of Jleaf

We recently found ourselves in the unfortunate position of being owed money by a
property developer for a solar panel installation on one of his properties in Stockport.
Our work was carried out on time to our usual high standard but we had considerable
difficulty in getting paid for it. We were met with a wall of silence whenever we tried to
chase our balance using most modern forms of communication.
Despite emails, telephone calls, text messages and voice mails, we were still owed
nearly £4000. The situation was keeping me awake at night and was a constant worry. I
was referred to Rachael by my business coach and mentor, Peter Beard. He has worked
on several projects with her and assured me she could help.
Rachael made an initial phone call to our customer and then helped me to draft a
professionally worded letter. I am delighted to say that this did the trick and we were
paid in full within 5 days of the initial contact.
I would not hesitate in recommending the services of Rachael Chiverton Ltd and I only
wished we had used her sooner!
Yours sincerely
Rick Robinson

Sam Pratt
Production Manager, Captive North

We are a small video production company where cash flow is key to the running of our business. We have a few large companies as clients and getting payment on time can be tricky due to their complex systems.

But with Rachael's advice we were able to build relationships with these clients that enabled us to be paid ontime, every time. This has enabled us to take on more work and thus grow the company.'

Penny MacPherson
Travel Counsellors

I loved Rachael's foresight at Chester 4N Lunch on March 11th 2015. Just the right mix of facts and personal experience, delivered in calm, timely manner. During our 1-2-1, Rachael imparted lots of advice to becoming a successful 4Networker. Thanks Rachael as a Newbie, your support is greatly appreciated.

Josh Peers
Director, My PT Plan

Rachael is great at what she does, she has drafted up some contracts for me allowing me peace of mind. It was done in an orderly fashion with a super quick turnaround. Thanks Rachael and look forward to working with you again.

Sue Lister
Sue Lister Owner of Tresil Web Services

Big thanks for your August 2014 Credit Control Workshop last Friday, Rachael. Thanks to your informative, interactive and thought-provoking workshop I've learnt that credit control is a new type of customer service. And it makes perfect sense. Every communication with our customers is part of the service they receive from us and getting paid is no exception.

I highly recommend your credit control best practice Rachael and recommend anyone who is looking for new ways to communicate with their customers about getting paid sooner.

Julie Begg-Robertson
Senior Team Member Accounts Receivable The Co-Operative Group

In June of 2013, Rachael Chiverton Ltd was tasked to update user manuals in preparation for a new team. I am one of the two senior members of this team and as such was very impressed by the clarity of all the manuals (of which there are 26) and the ease with which the team members were able to follow these.

The manuals have been a great asset and a credit to Rachael.

Joanna Sosinska
Team Member Cash and Reconciliation Team The Co-Operative Group

In 2006 I was a member of the Cash and Reconciliation team and had the benefit of being trained by Rachael on the Contra Process. Rachael was very good at transferring knowledge in a clear, professional and easy to comprehend manner. I found her always approachable whenever I needed to ask questions about the process including on applying Excel spreadsheet functions where appropriate.