The importance of your communication mindset

We all use different ways to communicate in our businesses. We might speak with colleagues, suppliers, customers and prospective customers using the telephone or in person. We also write letters, send emails and create social media posts to inform, discuss and advise, and we all have our favourite method of communication. This is why having the right mindset before you start speaking, listening or writing is so important.

Having the right mindset is vital when you want to achieve something specific from your conversation. It might be converting a sale, or it might be chasing an outstanding payment. You have an objective to achieve from the conversation and a desired outcome.

Preparing for a call will help you get over your fear.

Preparing for a call will help you get over your fear.

When speaking in person or on the telephone you need to be quick on your feet to process what the other person is saying and to respond constructively. There’s still time to pause, or delay a response, however face to face communication typically includes many non-verbal skills which are processed in microseconds. On the telephone, unless it’s a videocall, you will need to fill in the gaps to understand the other person’s frame of mind and judge if they are responsive to you or not.

When creating or replying to a letter, email or social media post, you have more time in which to formulate a reply. You can carry out research, check facts or ask someone else for their opinion. There is no need for an immediate reply. In fact, after someone has sent you an email, it’s unlikely they’re waiting by their inbox for your instant response. You have the time you need to get into the right mindset to reply to their correspondence.

There are also many different personalities you will encounter when running your business. There will be some people who have a laid-back outlook, others who demand everything now and some people who alternate between one and the other at the drop of a hat. The trick is to know who you’re dealing with and then choose the best way to approach them.

I specialise in helping business owners identify how to communicate with different personalities and I run workshops which cover how to deal with almost any business situation where you need to know who you’re speaking with and how to communicate on the same wavelength.

Hayley Hilton from Hands on Heart Clinical Canine Massage recently attended one of my workshops and recorded a video testimonial ( saying how the workshop helped prepare her for speaking with different clients and how she has overcome her fear of asking for the sale or the money afterwards.

The workshops are available for anyone to book and are suitable for employees as well as business owners. If you would like more information or to book a place on an upcoming workshop, please contact me on 07756 772950.

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