Top 5 time tracking software and apps for virtual assistant reviewed

When you’re a virtual assistant managing multiple clients, it’s so important to have a quick, efficient way to track your time but how do you choose?

How do you choose the right one amongst the huge choice of time tracker sofware and apps out there? This is a question that gets asked all the time over on my Cashflow VIP Group so I wanted to provide you with an overview of 5 ways to track your time.

Why as virtual assistant are you tracking your time?

The answer of course is, it depends. Ask yourself why you want to log time and who for. Is it for you, the client, or both. Sounds obvious, I know, but some apps are so detailed you’ll can end up spending more time filling in the boxes than being productive.


For virtual assistants, tracking time is an essential requirement so consider if you’re going to need specialist features? Are you working in a team, tracking a project or managing a budget? Do you need to filter tasks and will your client want to upload and manage tasks there?


Here I’m going to be looking at the following 5 scenarios and which software I’m aware of that is best for type of virtual assistant.

  1. Automatic time recording
  2. Multiple user time recording
  3. Cross platform time recording
  4. Calendar Integration time recording
  5. Free software for time recording


Why a Virtual Assistant might need automatic time recording

If you can’t always remember to hit the stop/start timer, Chrometa automatically records time spent on every activity performed on your computer. Let’s say you’re working on a MSWord document, and then switch to writing an email, at the same time, clicking a link to a website. This software records time spent on every action, including the filename, email subject, website URL. Just remember, if you get distracted and go online shopping, it will record that too.

Many collaborators on my project, which time tracking software is best?

Toggl is a free app that has a paid for version. The paid for version is great for team working and complex projects. The free app is fabulous if it’s just you. It offers a multitude of fancy reporting features like graphs, dashboards and comparisons. You can set different rates, depending on the task and share reports with clients. Although there’s quite a lot in here to get your head around, it could work well for virtual assistants involved with event planning and management.

I’m constantly on the move, which time tracking software is best for me?

Most of all we like the way Clockodo looks. The graphics are clear and simple on any device and at $5 per user per month it’s probably one of the cheapest paid for apps although many of the features seem to be aimed at businesses with teams and employees. The start/stop stopwatch can stay hidden in the background on your smartphone and if you forget, you can manually enter your time for the day.

Duplicating my calendar entries seem pointless. Is there an app that can integrate with Office or Google?

If you use Outlook, Google or Office365 calendar to record time, Timely could be for you. Timely imports your calendar events and adds them to a time sheet with the option to allocate time to a client or project and set the rates for the job.

I haven’t got a budget for my time tracker, is there anything free?

We don’t think it gets any better than this free Excel timesheet available from the Society of Virtual Assistants. It was developed by one of their members and it shared freely on their website to positive reviews. The stop/start buttons log time and you can manually adjust or add tasks. When it comes to invoicing you can filter on the client name and see the total hours spent. Simple, free and perfect for the job.

Free time tracking Software for Virtual Assistants

Free time tracking Software for Virtual Assistants.

Over to you:

What works for you?

How do you track and log your time?

If you’re a virtual assistant, I’d love to hear what works for you


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