How a training session can save money and free up your time

Do you ever have the feeling you’re paying for something you don’t need? We’ve all been there. Maybe you feel you’re doubling-up on a product or service, even if you don’t know exactly where one stops and the other begins.

This is extremely common. With so many software programs and apps, it can be hard to keep on top of what you really need to run your business. How do you know what’s costing you money you don’t need to spend? Especially when things seem to change every week!

This is where understanding exactly what the programs you already have can do for you. I’m talking about helping you know how to use the day-to-day features of your software and apps. I’m also talking about how to unlock the hidden extras. The features which are already installed, but you don’t know they exist.

Sometimes these features are overlooked. Sometimes they get forgotten over time. For example, did you know Microsoft Office has a CRM, Project Management Tool and Shared To-Do Lists? How many people have Microsoft Office and separate applications for these tasks? How many people are paying twice for the same features?

The features are installed, but do you know they’re there?

I’ve recently helped Mike, who runs a cleaning firm in Cheshire and Staffordshire, with training on some of the software he uses to run his business. Mike was paying a considerable amount of money each month for multiple software systems for his business and he wanted to see if this was the most cost-effective solution.

Learning about software saved Mike Training Time

Learning about software saved Mike Training Time

When we met, Mike asked me to see if I could help him get more from his software. He asked if I could suggest ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, Mike’s goal was to save time on administration. He wanted to find out how his software could handle some of the background tasks and free up his time, and the time of his management team, to meet clients and carry out the work they required.

I engaged Rachael and spent time doing one of her training sessions, which has gone on to benefit my management team, and also saved time within my business. Highly recommended.” – Mike

Mike gave me a list of his software and what he was looking to achieve. We spent an hour looking at the facilities Mike was paying for and training him on the software to get the most out of what he was paying for.

From the training session, it became obvious that Mike was paying a third party for features he already had in his Microsoft Office suite. He was doubling-up on features and paying for things he didn’t need. After the training session, Mike cancelled the extra services, resulting in savings of over £40 per month.

Using “out of office” messages to save time

As well as saving the money, Mike has gained more time following my training session. One of the features I covered was setting an “out of office” automated email message. This ensures Mike’s emails are answered immediately and contain additional information answering frequently asked questions. This has cut down on answering duplicate questions. It also saves Mike time and gives his customers a better experience with their enquiries answered at any time of the day or night.

These are examples of how I can use a training session to provide easy-to-implement solutions for your business. I specialise in saving time and money through training clients how to make the most of what they already have and making recommendations where appropriate for changes to systems and procedures.

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