Why should you use a script when making calls?

We’re too British! “I don’t like picking up the phone to ask for money even when that money is mine! “ That’s a statement I hear all the time. It’s worng but it’s been ingrained in us since childhood, you shouldn’t ask for things – apart from when you should!

In this blog I am going to help you understand having having a script can help you over come this fear and how you can start to make these calls for outstanding invoices without asking for money.

Find out how you can overcome the fear and get 95% of your customers to pay on time.

The biggest problem with asking for payment over the phone is that we dread making the call. We put it off, leave it too late and way too long.

Why you need a script to get over your fear of making phonecalls

Why you need a script to get over your fear of making phonecalls

If your client is late paying don’t send an email.

It’s easy to send an email but it’s also easy for your customer to ignore: “Oh, I must have deleted it by accident”. “I think it must have gone into my junk mail.”

Turn the whole thing around and look at it from the customer’s point of view. Chances are, the customer knows his invoice is overdue and will feel more uncomfortable than you when he receives your debt-chasing call.

Change your mind set about chasing payment

The best thing to do is pick up the phone and talk to your customers before payment becomes overdue.

Time to change your approach

Make the conversation a positive experience for both of you. Have a conversation that builds your relationship and potentially grows your business.

And that’s why you need a script and a plan

Don’t wait until your invoice is overdue before you pick up the phone. Make just two phone calls and see how your cash flow improves.

Phone call 1

Let’s say you sent an invoice on 1 August with 14-day payment terms. There’s every reason to phone your customer on 3 August to check if they received it.

Here’s an outline of the call:

Have a chat to your customer; find out what’s going on in their life. Enjoy it, make a note of whatever it is, celebrate what’s happening in their life with them and during that conversation, ask them if they’ve received Invoice 172.

If they have received Invoice 172. Brilliant!

Top Tip:

It’s all about the language!

Don’t say, “I’ve sent you Invoice 172, have you got it?”

Immediately, you have a brick wall. You’re implying that if they haven’t got it, it’s something they’ve done wrong. No one wants to feel like that so don’t do it to your customer.

What should you say?

Instead say: “I’ve sent Invoice 172, have you received it, or has your spam bot eaten it?”

Like 90% of the people I talk to, you may giggle at that, or smile and most likely, your customer will as well. Then they’ll probably say: “No it’s fine, it’s here.” Or, they’ll say, “I don’t think I’ve got it yet.”

At which point you say, “That’s fine. I’ve got five minutes now. I’ll email it over again to you and let me know if you’ve got it. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder for me. That’d be brilliant because I’ll to get IT to invesutigate why they’re going into spam, if they are.”

Earlier, I said note down something that’s going on in their life. Because that way you’re prepared for your next call.

Phone call 2

On 7 August pick up the phone and ask about the event they mentioned in Phone call 1. “How did little Johnny do in the football match?” “How did Jenny get on at the swimming gala? “Did your husband finish the Lego model?” “How’s the garden progressing?”

Get people talking about themselves

People love to be remembered, love to talk about people and are passionate when talking about themselves. So, get them talking!

They will remember you because you remembered them. You remembered a fact about them.

During that conversation, mention the invoice and see if there are any problems with it.

Get 95% of your customers paying on time

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