How could a Virtual Assistant benefit your business?

If you’re running a small business and working over 12 hour days, maybe it’s time to think about getting some help.

You probably started your business because it’s your passion, a brilliant idea, a product or something you’re really good at. How often do you find yourself slogging away, trying to get all your admin done when instead you could be building and growing a business?

What’s sucking up your time?

How can VA help to grow your business?

How can VA help to grow your business?

The stuff that sucks up our time usually boils down to the stuff we’re just not good at or simply don’t like doing.

Did you set a goal to publish a weekly blog post but struggling to find the time to get anything written?

There are all sorts of tasks a virtual assistant can do so don’t restrict yourself to thinking it’s only admin.

Sit down, grab a cuppa and make 3 lists.

Things only I can do

Things I do but don’t want to

Things someone else can do

It could be sifting through emails, making appointments and telephone calls, appointment tracking, invoicing, blog writing, content creation, managing a project.

Perhaps you just need someone to keep you on track or make sure you get paid on time by simply spending 10 minutes a day on your invoices.

Whatever you put in the columns headed “Things I do but don’t want to” and “Things someone else can do” are jobs you can outsource.

Trust and let it go

What would happen if you delegated just a fraction of those tasks? Could it be more time with your family? You could actually take a break and stop thinking about work at the weekend.

If you’re a little bit nervous about letting someone else take care of your baby, start slowly and just get help with a single simple task or a one-off job.

It may not feel entirely comfortable at first but give it a go. It may be the best decision you ever made.

How do I find a Virtual Assistant?

Working with a virtual assistant is a brilliant solution but how do you find the right one for you?

The key is to find one who is a good fit with your business. Should they have experience in a certain business sector or do you need specialist skills like marketing or WordPress, for example.

There are many VA’s out there and because they work remotely, you can look beyond your local area.

It’s really important to trust the person you’re going to be working with, so use networking and ask for recommendations and referrals.

Another good place to start is the Society of Virtual Assistants or the UK Association of Virtual Assistants which has a database of registered VAs and the services they offer.

You’ve decided to get a Virtual Assistant so what next?

Set your expectations and be clear about what you want done and by when.

Read terms and conditions carefully so you understand what you’re going to be paying for and how.

Cost – how much will the work cost and what will I be charged for

Why having a virtual assistant has benefited my business

I’ve been working with a virtual assistant for over a year now and she does a couple of hours a week. Our working relationship has grown into a firm friendship.

My business has benefited from the time I’ve got back since she does research of questions people want answering in my blogs and she also manages a mailing list for me. I decided to work with someone local since

1 – I can meet up with them anytime

2 – They go to the same networking events as myself, so I got to know her before we started working together which built up the trust element

3 – We have a weekly catch up in our “office” every Friday. This has turned from being a purely work based conversation to one that covers off everything we can possibly need to set to rights and much, much more.

4 – Having a trusted VA means if I have over committed on my time and I need to write a guest blog, have someone cover my phone if something happens, monitor my email whilst I am away then I know exactly who to turn to .

The same way that having the right contract in place helps businesses sleep, having the right VA in place helps me sleep, relieves stress and makes me a happier person.

Is it time you looked into getting a VA to help you be even happier?

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