What a day, What a week, What a team, WOW

It is really unusual for me to share with you a blog like this, however after the week I’ve had I so wanted to share with you and help you see Wins aren’t just about income…..

In the Title I said “What a day, What a week, What a team, WOW” but I’m a person who is sitting in her parents dining room typing this blog, so where is the team I am referring to?

Team isn’t just about people you employ, I employ me so I can’t really be called a team. Team is about people you surround yourself with. Team is about the people you interact with on a regular basis, team is about support, guidance, thanks and praise all of which I’ve given and received in abundance this week.

So why was my week so fabulous?

Every Friday, I do a week review because as my mentor Stefan Thomas says “Every big win starts with a little conversation.” This week seems to have been full of them:


  • A few weeks ago at a “Looking4” Session at Stockport 4Networking we go round the room and ask to be introduced to businesses we want to work with, I asked for “Any business who would like to write a guest blog for my page.  In return I would promote it and link 1 of their pages.”  This Monday I published the first of these guest blogs by Alison Wren of Paprika Marketing.


  • Monday was also one of the busiest days I’ve had on the contracts front, I sent final drafts of 3 contracts out as well as helping someone else by drafting a letter for an unpaid invoice and someone else by starting to trace a missing person who wasn’t responding to any settlement requests.  If you’re not sure if I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I don’t bite and I love to help people.


is your contract sound?

Contracts aren’t all parchment & quill

  • Tuesday was a full day of training, dull dull dull I hear you think….. Not at all, this was Team training lead by Michael Nagels, Networking Lead of 4Networking.  All of my 4Networking team member that attended have told me how awesome it was and the win of the day for me was a comment by Louise Mosley of NB Coaching a very new team member who said “Brilliant day, fabulous training and great to hear Michael re-iterate everything you’ve already told us.” That one comment almost had me in tears since that is high praise indeed.


  • Tuesday also gave me a reason to call businesses that I wouldn’t otherwise have a reason for speaking to since they had booked onto Macclesfield 4Netwoking the next day and I wanted to answer their questions, make sure they understood what to bring and what to expect. You may thing why is this a win? Well it’s building my team, it’s building my support network and it’s making people remember me as I take time out to help them. Remember every big win start with a little conversation and I had lots of those on Tuesday.


  • Wonderful Wednesday, now why wonderful? Well it started with brilliant networking meeting, a fabulous buzz to the room, a lot of banter and a 4Sight (presentation) from Baz Mienie of The Winning performance, who shared with the room so much knowledge about “Achieving with Ease”  I know everyone in the room was inspired including myself. I thanked Baz for taking the time to come up from Oxfordshire to share this with Macclesfield, BOY! did I feel great that he did and the members got so much out of the meeting. Again this meeting ran so smoothly thanks to the work of my brilliant Macclesfield 4 Networking team.

2016-04-13 08.14.25

  • Wednesday also had another meeting with a new client about their terms and conditions. I had offered them, as I do everyone, a free review of their terms and they rang to cancel a meeting the previous week saying “I know you only got them this week but have you had chance to review them, can you help us?” This conversation lead to the meeting and I am now writing their new terms & conditions, as well as potentially others for the group that owns them. On top of that, this client is becoming a supplier of mine as we work how I can integrate their training courses on Excel into a new project I’m working on. How great is it to be able to give back to someone who is giving to you?


  • Phone calls were the order of the day on Thursday, phone calls to help people prepare for the Looking4 we were holding at Cheadle 4Networking on Friday, phone calls arranged during my 121s on Wednesday at Macclesfeild 4N and phone calls to my team just making sure they were all good. This meant around 30 phone calls were made, but I fitted these around taking time out to have lunch with a wonderful friend who is struggling at the moment and also around an accountability call. I’ll come to the accountability call in my next point.  However how wonderful did I feel being able to take time out of my day to support a friend in need, how much did me making 2.5 hours free to spend time with her mean to her? Every little helps and is appreciated.


  • When I joined The Content Marketing Academy (CMA), I knew I’d get help and advice on Blogs, SEO, Web pages anything content related, what I hadn’t expected was how much the accountability group would help me. Being held accountable isn’t about putting pressure on people who haven’t done what they said they’d do, or at least not in my fabulous group. It’s about setting goals, being honest if you’ve made them, if you haven’t why haven’t you and what are you going to change before the next call, if you have met them, was it easy, if so why? Can you repeat that again before the next call. Both the CMA whole community and my accountability group added so much to me, my business and my support network, they are all part of my team.

Well done if you are still reading and I hope you are realising quite how many people I have in “my team” from all over the place, don’t worry there’s only Friday and a summary to go now….

Well What can I say apart from What a Day Today?

  • Starting with an amazing team effort this morning at, yes you guessed it, 4Networking Cheadle. We are a team of 4 volunteers who run a 4Networking meeting, however this morning due to work commitments which always come first, we were a team of 2 and have been since Tuesday.  When you are a team, the number doesn’t matter working together does and this is exactly how Cheadle 4N rolled this week. We overcame issues with miss-communication internally by the venue last night with regards to number booked on, problems this morning caused by 1 coffee machine not working and the other one complaining (ended up breaking) at being asked to make over 40 cups of tea/coffee in two 10 minute periods which meant it was tight on timing to be sure of finishing at 10am which we always do! Brilliantly managed by my group leader Ian Lavin of The Event Magician, and thanked by many people for my help on Thursday with their preparation, 22 businesses in 7 minutes got to ask for 3 or 4 introductions to companies and those that were specific got 3 or 4 responses from within the room. I call that a MASSIVE WIN for the people there today and the fact I helped really made me smile.

2016-04-15 08.40.53

  • Following on from that I had the most productive 4 hour client meeting about, of all things, administration. Far from being a boring 4 hour meeting it meant I built 1 new relationship, cemented another new relationship, probably leading to more work, plus at the end when I was having a final round up with the main client, he said something that really made today special, as yet I can’t go into details, but they will follow on here once it’s been ironed out, however the comment was “With you helping me, supporting me and being so passionate about this business I want to talk to you about……..” How special did that make me feel?


  • So I came home glowing with pride, feeling pleased I’d helped someone so much and thinking now I need to sort my emails/notifications/text messages so they are clear for the weekend before doing my weekly review.  Well within all that were requests for 3 more contracts definitely, 2 potential contracts, 1 thank you for an amazing meeting, 1 notification of a public thank you for an amazing meeting and a “apologies for the rant but I needed to get this off my chest notification”. Even the last hasn’t dampened my day because how amazing is it that someone in “my team” feels they Know me, Like me and Trust me enough  to want to share with me their problems.

If I know you via CMA, 4Networking, Supplier, Customer, Friend, Family Member, former colleague, Twitter, Facebook or Someone I’ve met on line. I wanted to say:

Thank you for being on “my team”,  for being amazing and for helping to make this such a brilliant day, week and team.



    • rachael

      Thanks Nicola I don’t often post this kind of content but this week I wanted to share. Everyone adds something to everyone they know. I just wanted to say thank you.

  1. Kristian Main

    What an amazing read. As someone whose “team” is exactly the same as yours Rachael, I really appreciate your take on what that really means.
    Great blog for a great week. hope next week is just as amazing for you.

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