Where does your motivation come from?

white-waving-hand-signToday I was struggling a little to get started, after a fantastic weekend and agreeing a sale on our house, you could say my mind was more on the domestic side of things rather than working.

Do you also find you struggle sometimes, especially when you work from home, to switch your mindset from domestic chores to work that needs doing?

Well this was me today, until I had an email from Stefan Thomas asking me to think “What one piece of information, or what one change do you think you could make that you really want me to know is important to you?”

That did 2 things – firstly it got me thinking about what do I want to get out of the Networking retreat? And second – how I could change my day around and be productive with this afternoon.

It spurred me not only to contact 21 business to invite them along to my local networking event (4Networking Macclesfield Breakfast)  giving me another 21 businesses who have now heard of me but also to write this post and share with all of you my thoughts on how staying in contact needed be difficult, time consuming or interrupting people’s days.

It’s simply “Saying Hello” and Waving.

How does this help grow my business or share with you my most of my clients wished they had engaged me sooner, well it doesn’t necessarily but it does build up our relationship and therefore, hopefully we will stay in contact and you never know when I can help, or you could help me.

So pop a comment below and say “Hi”.


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