Working from home: How do you stop feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed can be a real problem for virtual workers or “solo-preneurs” (as they like to call us in the US).The one-person businesses like virtual assistants, graphic designers, digital marketers and copywriters feel this more than most.

So what can you do to combat it?

I’m currently working with the lovely Ann Bach from Edge who is coaching me for all things, business, personal and self-belief. One thing we have been working on is overwhelm and what to do if I feel this. I can’t take credit for what I am about to share with you, all of that has to go to the very lovely Ann.

To Combat Overwhelm, Take Stock

You don’t have to complete the marathon, you simply have to run a 100 yards. You don’t have to view your working day as 7am – 7pm with just a break for lunch. If you think like this you probably will get that feeling of overwhelm as I did. So how do I now combat it?

In every hour, only work for 50 minutes. Yes that’s right just 50 minutes.

Then give yourself 10 minutes off. Do something different for 10 minutes, something you enjoy, something that gives you satisfaction. Also within those 10 minutes, set a timer for 2 minutes, find a place in your home or your office, you can be comfortable and quiet, then press start on your timer, close your eyes and do nothing!

That’s right, do nothing. If a thought pops into your head bat it away. If you have a desire to do something, bat it away. Just be still and calm for 2 minutes.

When the 2 minutes are up you will feel so much more energised, motivated and inspired you will want to go back to whatever task it was you were in the middle of when your 50 minute countdown went off.

Also because you’ve spent 8 minutes doing something that made you feel great, something that you enjoy, something that inspires you the feeling of being overwhelmed has vanished. Clever stuff hey! Don’t believe me, go on try it.

The second thing to remember is: if you’ve been fighting something for more than 2 hours., so and ask for help, none expects you to know how to do everything.

Yes that’s right, you set up your business to do what you do and do it well. You can’t be expected to know everything. You have a network around you. Whether that is from face to face networking, for example like 4Networking, or from being part of an on-line community, you will have a network around you.

Don’t feel like you can’t ask for help, support or advice. The chances are you will know someone who set up in business because they are brilliant at solving your problem and they would love to help you. If you don’t know someone, or no-one springs to mind, ask anyway as just because you don’t know them, it doesn’t mean one of your connections won’t.

Finally don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure you’re a wonderful person who people feel honoured to know

So go away, try these techniques and let me know how you get on.

What else do you find beats the feeling of being overwhelmed?


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