What is a Written Word Agreement?

A written word agreement is exactly what it sounds like, it’s writing down things you have agreed verbally between yourself and your client. There’s the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and this is especially true in business where things that have been agreed and written down will stand up if ever there is a dispute.

Written Word is essential

Written Word is essential

Having your words written down as formal terms of business or a contract between yourself and your clients is essential in today’s business world. In days gone by, your word was your bond and a handshake sealed the deal.

But, if something goes wrong, maybe a business relationship breaks down, or perhaps an order can’t be fulfilled, then having a written word agreement signed by both yourself and your client covers your back. It’s really important both parties sign the written word agreement. You can now take signatures online. I recommend Signable to my clients.

If you need to get solicitors involved, or you end up in court, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is to produce a written agreement proving what you’re offering and under what terms. A written word agreement protects your interests and enforces your rights. Without a written word agreement, it’s much harder to prove, at a later date, who agreed to what.

Another limitation of verbal agreements is what could happen if members of staff change, memories fade, or someone simply lies to you. Without a written word agreement, it becomes your word against theirs and it can get very messy very quickly.

A written word agreement also provides a solid backup of all the terms in your agreement. Everything is written in black and white and you have a document you and your clients have both agreed to and you can both refer to it in the future.

I can help create your written word agreement to cover almost any eventuality. Typical written word agreements will enable you to take on a new employee, or to provide products or services to commercial or domestic clients. I can include terms for obligations, conditional contracts, cost-plus contracts, service contracts, sub-contract contracts, and many more.

A written word agreement will always save you time, money and your reputation, should a problem arise. Please get in touch if I can help.

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