Your invoice is it accounts, marketing or sales? 5 reasons why it’s all 3.

We all realise that an invoice is a request for payment at an agreed stage in the project. So obviously an invoice is a function of accounts.

However are you making your invoice a function of your marketing and your sales too?

You may not be sure what I mean by that, so below are 5 tips to help you make your invoice also about marketing, sales and brand awareness:


  • Put a web address to a short customer satisfaction survey on your invoice and request they complete it.

This means they will be interacting with you, giving you feedback and answering questions on your product/service, your brand and your customer service. You could even ask them what else they would like you to offer.

The options you have here are endless, there are many free surveys on the internet, so setting it up doesn’t have to cost you anything, adding a simple url to your invoice won’t cost you anything and you are marketing by finding out what other services your customer may use, would like you to offer in the future.

  • Include your social media contact details and engage with their responses.

By making it easy for customers to connect with you, you will be raising awareness of your company.  So by putting links to your social media accounts on your invoice, you can get your customers to help you market your business.

Any comment on social media can be turned into a positive. Any comments on social, share them – your customer will appreciate the fact you shared their comment to your followers, so raising their profile on social media and by sharing it you are marketing your business on line.

If you have a negative comment, still share it but put a positive spin on your response, answer the problem openly and resolve the issue. If this is done in the correct way, you will be sending out a positive marketing message in the fact you don’t hid from negative comments, but in fact embrace them and reply to them in a quick, positive, professional manner.


  • Tell them about special offers tied into a service they have already bought.

Say for example if someone has bought some training from you, do offer continued support for a monthly fee or maybe access to a private Facebook or some other sort of closed community?

You may have told them about it at the end of the training, however how many of us, walk away from a training course having learnt so much our head is spinning with the information we gained and want to think over to understand it. Then we review the notes later we realise we forgot a lot more.

By telling them again, now they have completed the training, they are more likely to see the benefit and if it’s a couple of days or weeks afterwards, they might think what a great idea being part of such a community is.

  • Ask them for a testimonial for your website/linked/any other online place.

What sells better than an external recommendation? The more recommendations you get the more likely it is that someone will believe you are great to do business with.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get so put the url to your preferred place on your invoice and ask for the testimonial.


Brand Awareness – Bonus tip:

Do something different.

  • If you provide them with stationery for example, then include a free pen with “Your Details could be here” on it, inside the envelope with your invoice. Why? Well they got a free pen and you have told them about a service you provide that they may not be aware of.

  • By sending a little extra with the invoice, not only are you raising awareness of other things you do, but you are getting your invoice remembered which will likely lead to quicker payment.

  • You’re giving them something extra they were not expecting and generating a discussion point so other people are more likely to hear about your services and potentially be interested enough to look you up.

In summary, the more use you can make of the space on your invoice, the more you can market your business, raise awareness of your brand and therefore hopefully increase your sales.

Any questions, you can find  me on twitter, facebook or by using my contact me form.

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