You’ve confirmed a speaking gig but life got in the way, what happens?

It is a nightmare scenario, but as a professional speaker one you have to plan for.

You’ve been contacted about an opportunity to speak, you’ve confirmed you are free on that date. You’ve raised and been paid the agreed fee. Everything looks rosy until BOOM you are seriously ill and you have to cancel your attendance.


Well that depends on what is stated in your contract in the case of this eventuality. You have got a clause covering this in your contract, haven’t you?

If you haven’t, you really should have and you need to amend your contract soon.

If it isn’t included in your contract, the event organiser could ask for immediate

return of all monies they have paid you. They could demand that you still turn up and when you don’t show, they don’t explain to the delegates so it will massively damage your reputation.

If your contract includes the option, then you can send an alternative speaker as chosen by you, in your place.

You obviously agree the fee directly with them, saving the organiser an administration nightmare. You explain to them how long they will be on stage, who the target audience is, what has been agreed regarding recording permissions and intellectual property, basically you save the event management team loads of time, take loads of hassle off them and look brilliant.

You raise your profile with the speaker you’ve asked to stand in, as you rate them highly enough as speaker to do this on your behalf. You are also helping them raise their profile, get their name out to an event which may not previously have known about them and raising their credibility since you , the requested speaker, have put them forward in your place.

It really is a win, win clause for you, for the event organiser and for the speaker you are introducing the event too.

So if it isn’t a clause that’s already in your contract. Let’s have a chat. Book your free 15 minute call here.

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